Gen Series

Purism at its best.

The Ultimate

These knives are the ultimate cutting tools and essential in any kitchen. They are perfect for cutting fruit, vegetables and bone-free meat. The ergonomic handle makes this knife comfortable and easy to hold. Different handle colours perfectly match the white ceramic blades.

  • Blade: white zirconia ceramics (Z206), handsharpened
  • Handle: plastic (ABS), ergonomically designed and available in different colours
  • Blade guard: also available for safe storage of the knives
  • Accessories: matching accessories and gift sets complete the series
  • FK-181 WH-BK

    Bread Knife
    Blade length: 18 cm
    Micro-serrated blade
    Handle colours:

  • FK-180 WH-BK

    Chef’s Knife
    Blade length: 18 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-160 WH-BK

    Chef’s Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 16 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-140 WH-BK

    Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 14 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-130 WH-BK

    Slicing Knife
    Blade length: 13 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-125 NWH-BK

    Tomato Knife
    Blade length: 12.5 cm
    Micro-serrated blade
    Handle colours:

  • FK-115 WH-BK EU

    Mini Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 11.5 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-110 WH-BK

    Utility Knife
    Blade length: 11 cm
    Handle colours:

  • FK-075 WH-BK

    Paring Knife
    Blade length: 7.5 cm
    Handle colours: