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Innovations at drupa: Kyocera launches new inkjet printhead "KJ4B-EX600-RC" with ink recirculation

Kyocera will be exhibiting at drupa, the world's largest international exhibition for the printing and media industry, and showcases its latest product developments, including KJ4B-EX1200-RC as well as new KJ4B-EX600-RC inkjet printhead, which achieves industry-leading productivity*1 across a wide range of printing applications.

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Kyoto/London − Kyocera Corporation has developed a new inkjet printhead with ink recirculation technology at the nozzle. Available now, the new KJ4B-EX600-RC (hereinafter "printhead") achieves industry-leading productivity*1 over a wide range of printing applications, including textiles, corrugated board, and building materials, and is compatible with a wide range of inks. It will be unveiled alongside other product innovations at drupa, the international trade fair for the print and media industry (hall 10, booth number A11).

Model KJ4B-EX600-RC
Dimensions 200.0×30.0×68.2 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Maximum print speed 101.6 m/min
Resolution 600 dpi
Effective print width 108.3 mm
Maximum jetting frequency 40 kHz
Maximum drop volume 14 pL (at 40 kHz) /
18 pL (at 30 kHz) /
24 pL (at 20 kHz)
Compatible ink Aqueous
Development facility Kagoshima Kokubu Plant (Japan)
Inkjet printhead KJ4B-EX600-RC


1. Ink recirculation at the nozzle allows compatibility with a wider variety of inks, including fast-drying inks, over a wider range of applications.
Kyocera’s unique technology recirculates ink around the nozzle, which prevents nozzle drying, while promoting temperature uniformity and inhibiting ink sedimentation. These features allow stable printing with various kinds of inks, including fast-drying formulations, while reducing routine maintenance, such as printhead cleaning when rebooting a printer. This new printhead also incorporates a water cooling system*2 as a standard feature, enhancing stability in continuous, high-speed, high-quality printing.

left: ink recirculation technology; right: water cooling system

2. Higher productivity through high driving frequency and greater maximum drop volume.
By optimizing the ink-flow-channel design and printhead structure, the maximum drop volume of ink ejected from nozzles has been increased to 14 pL, about 17% greater than the previous model at a driving frequency of 40 kHz, with improved jetting stability. With a wide effective printing width of 108.3 mm, Kyocera’s printhead achieves high precision and industry-leading productivity.*1


3. High print quality through Kyocera’s unique monolithic piezo actuator*3.
Kyocera has developed a large monolithic piezoelectric actuator, using proprietary material design technology for dense polycrystalline ceramic actuators, and manufacturing technology for thin piezoelectric ceramic substrates. Kyocera has now optimized and adopted the technology for this printhead (width: 116 mm x depth: 21 mm x thickness: 0.04 mm). By using a large monolithic piezoelectric actuator, Kyocera has achieved uniform image quality within the printhead and higher print quality.

Monolithic piezoelectric actuator

4. High durability achieved through a simple and robust flow-channel structure with stainless steel lamination.
Adopting a monolithic piezoelectric actuator increases design flexibility and results in a simple and robust structure. This provides improved strength and structural stability for enhanced durability.


Kyocera at drupa 2024 (May, 28th – June, 7th, 2024)
Kyocera will present this new inkjet printhead for the first time at drupa, the world's largest international exhibition for the printing and media industry (hall 10, booth number A11). Another inkjet printhead, the KJ4B-EX1200-RC will also be showcased:

Inkjet printhead KJ4B-EX1200-RC

KJ4B-EX1200-RC: 1200dpi inkjet printhead with ink recirculation achieves industry-leading jetting performance*4. Kyocera has improved productivity by realizing the high driving frequency and increasing the maximum drop volume by 43% compared to the previous model. Better productivity makes optimizing drop volumes for commercial printing and package printing segments possible. In addition, Kyocera’s unique technology also recirculates ink around the nozzle, allowing stable printing with various inks, including fast-drying formulations.

Details of the Kyocera stand

Trade fairdrupa 2024
Date May 28 to June 7, 2024
Venue Düsseldorf, Germany
Kyocera stand Düssseldorf Exhibition Centre
Hall 10, booth number A11

*1 As of March 1, 2024, according to a survey by Kyocera.
*2 Heat-transfer method to cool the driving board installed on the printhead.
*3 Piezo actuator: specialized component that generates ink-jetting power using the piezoelectric effect of fine ceramics.
*4 According to a survey by Kyocera, as of March 1, 2024.

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