Shin White Series

Perfect Match.

Perfect Match

The Shin White range was designed to meet the most demanding of requirements, and comes in a timeless, elegant black and white colour scheme - ideal for any professional or amateur chef.

The unique features of this knife collection include the tactile and ergonomically moulded handles and handsharpened, incredibly sharp ceramic blades. The impressive lightness of the ergonomically designed soft-touch handle makes cutting both easier and safer.

  • Blade: white zirconia ceramics (Z206), handsharpened
  • Handle: black plastic (ABS), ergonomic design
  • Blade guard: also available for safe storage of the knives
  • Accessories: matching accessories and gift sets complete the series
  • FZ-180 WH-BK EU

    Chef’s Knife
    Blade length: 18 cm

  • FZ-160 WH-BK EU

    Chef’s Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 16 cm

  • FZ-140 WH-BK EU

    Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 14 cm

  • FZ-130 WH-BK EU

    Slicing Knife
    Blade length: 13 cm

  • FZ-110 WH-BK EU

    Utility Knife
    Blade length: 11 cm

  • FZ-075 WH-BK EU

    Paring Knife
    Blade length: 7.5 cm